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Raire Music. Who AM I?

I am the TRUTH that inspires MUSIC.
I am the deception that every TRUTH is apart of,
I am LIFE.
I am the purest ESSENCE that opposes LIFE.
I am LOVE.
I am the WEIGHT that weighs on LOVE.
I am HATE,
Like the SHADOW that hides in plain sight,
I am RICH. I am POOR. I am BEAUTY. I am the BEAST.
I am the GOSPEL.
I am every PHRASE that destroys BELIEF.
I am everything that you INSPIRE to be.
I am every part of you that everyone else DISPISES.

Point being, while we all are capable of being someone’s HERO,
We are usually at that same moment someone else’s MONSTER.
The trick is to be more aware of the destruction we are causing someone whilst saving someone else or ourselves, and with that, strive to be the architect of hope that this world so desperately needs to build upon.
The truth is, just as cruelty spreads like a disease, kindness is the contagion that kills it. If each of us would be a little more tolerant of someone else’s situation, someone else’s belief, of someone else’s bad or glorious moment…
We could make this Motha Fucka a better place to Co-Exist.

I am YOU.
Where ever you find this HOT ass mic that Ive dropped after BLAZING a moment of RAIRE FORM…
Pick that bitch up and be RAIRE MUSIC too…

Let’s change this Motha Fucka for the betta, 1 hood at a time…

Raire Music

Raire Music’s Bio

Talk about a New Age Artistry. This Veteran brings to the table a wealth of talent, chemistry, charisma, and compassion, which is about as "raire" as his name when it comes to true charitable causes in the Music Game. Hell, in any Game. Set on contributing the next 5 years of income, (that’s right 5 years) he publicizes his creative talents for one reason and one reason only. To raise 2.5 million dollars for building 5 inner city Tech Spaces across the US, with intentions on providing 2 million individuals FREE Computer Technology skills through coding bootcamps. In other words, this Motha is trying to teach you to code for free… Now one would think, “ok this guy is putting out music for free or donations, and giving away his 5 years of income? His shit must be some mediocre, run of the mill, hood shit.”
You, my friends, are in for a pleasant surprise.
Raire’s artistry is ridiculous. A sick, old-school swing on beats that are clearly of a new era hip-hop flavor. Lyrics that actually make sense, revealing stories of hood life, true to life without all the bullshit I’ll fuck your girl in my benz rhetoric that seems to be plaguing hip-hop and rap these days. A voice filled with so much pain and anger that you actually can’t help but absorb every purposeful lyric as if you were a 2-year-old child learning your abc’s. His talent is built in from years under or behind the guy that was behind or under the other guy. He has acquired the ability to spit pure knowledge about any subject, on any beat.
Serious about his shit he takes a full active role in every aspect of his music. From creating crazy beats, to writing lyrics, to engineering his own tracks, to producing his own videos.
Yes, I did say he writes his lyrics. None of this no pen no paper BS... The words don’t just have to rhyme, they have to fit the lyrical situation and make sense. (No disrespect to freestyle. Love it up close and personal. On wax, not so much…) No matter what style of music inspires you, Raire truly brings something very rare to this industry that we could use a whole lot more of.
Listen, Share, and Support. Change is coming, let’s make sure as many as posible are prepared educationally through Collaboration, Compassion, and Contribution...

Contact us: info@rairemusic.com

No Life Cover

No Life... single taken from the up coming album "Raire" (Explicit)

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